City Bench – Furniture with a Story

Check out some of the gorgeous furniture that City Bench, a New Haven based furniture company, makes. This unique organization focuses on using reclaimed lumber from city property and school campuses, and will be using much of the beech wood from the WestCo site. We hope to purchase one or more pieces of this furniture to put back into the Courtyard.

They write, “We extend the life left in those trees by building uniquely hand-crafted furniture that tells their stories. Community and connection to place are built into everything we create – whether that community is a big city, a small town or a much-loved school. Each piece bears a ‘birth certificate’ describing the tree’s origin, significance, and story.”


2 thoughts on “City Bench – Furniture with a Story

  1. Hey folks–I’m helping out at City Bench this summer and they are wonderful. Definitely check out their website and don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you’d like to be involved or updated on their upcoming events and new work.

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