WestCo Site Analysis

Base Map of the WestCo site. Each layer of the site analysis was layered upon this map.

Under a month into the Sustainable Landscape Design Student Forum, the design process for the WestCo Courtyard has already begun!

The first step of the design process is site analysis and assessment. In order to create a site design, we first need to know what opportunities the site presents us and what are the constraining elements of the site.  We are not imposing a design on the site, but instead working with what nature has given us. We have spent the past several weeks learning about this process and practicing different elements of it. Last week, we did a practice analysis of a site near our classroom in the CFA and critiqued eachother’s work.

This week we were broken up into groups of three and instructed to go out and complete a site analysis and assessment of the actual site. Each group will then give a four minute presentation about their assessment and analysis to the class this Tuesday. Sometime during the past week each group went out to the site and prepared six different layers of analysis (each drawn upon its own sheet of trace paper):

  1. Microclimates
  2. Water flows
  3. Vegetation and soil
  4. Accessibility and circulation
  5. Social and Legal
  6. Summary

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