Spring Student Forum

Hey all,

It’s been awhile since we’ve put up a post for you, and we apologize. A lot has been going on, both on-site and off (Wesleyan choosing to require a fifth course of all full-time visiting professors, moving to end need-blind admissions, etc.) and unfortunately the blog has fallen a bit in the meantime. But we’re back in action and internet-ready, so be sure to continue visiting the blog over the summer. Email us, too, if you’d like, with any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you.

With the spring semester student forum at its end, the courtyard is lush with greenery.  The forum, taught by rising seniors Gabe Castanon and Emma Leonard, was a resounding success. The class was composed of five groups: Rain Garden, Water Catchment / Irrigation, Swales and Asphalt Removal and Hardscaping, Plant Management and Planting, and Meadow, Clover, and Trample-Resistant Ground Cover Seeding.  Through a combination of detailed time-lines, all-class meetings every Thursday and Saturday at the WestCo site, and individual group meetings, each team made significant contributions to its aspect of the Wild Wes project.

When the cardinals and Waste-Not containers of summer arrived on campus, the following changes to Wild WestCo welcomed them:

1. 16 new trees in both the forest garden and forest mimic section of the site, each with a ring of white clover sowed in the basin around it.

2. Two new rain gardens on the south-east and north sections of the site, respectively, the latter filled with new water-loving plants from Ballek’s Garden Center.

3. A complete underground irrigation system with five faucets spaced throughout the site. A hose connects the system to a 250 gallon water storage tank  at the top of the site, which draws rain from the nearby roof of the WestCo lounge.

4. A brand new patch of compost, cardboard, and wood chips has replaced the asphalt trench that once wound its way down the southern section of the site.

5. Ribbons of winter rye (buckwheat, although sowed with it, has so far failed to show itself) marking the borders of the site and future paths.

Four students — Nathaniel Skylar Dolton-Thornton ’15, Lief D. Friedrichs ’13,  Manon Lefevre ’14, and Evita Elaine Rodriguez ’14 — will be staying on site this summer supported by the College of the Environment and Green Fund, and will continue to keep you updated as the WILD Wesleyan project progresses.

That’s all for now, but be sure to check back soon for updates of the WILD Summer of 2012!

The ‘Phoon Goons


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