It’s party thyme

This week, we truly hit the ground running in the WestCo courtyard, bringing the project to new heights. Yes, we took a short repose from our beautiful tree and shrub plantings to focus on what lies at our feet. Some would say our work really broke new ground – we now have a small patch on site of some fascinating, exciting new plantings of trample-resistant and not-so-trample-resistant-but-still-totally-rad ground cover. We also took a field trip to the nearby Ballek’s Garden Center to visit none other than our mentor (we wish?) Nancy ! Our new experimental plantings include different varieties of sedum and thyme – while not all of it can be walked on, we are growing different kinds of both to see what grows well and where they could be placed on site, and hopefully we will be planting it more widely later on or in the fall. We also placed another order of plants that will begin to make up the understory of some of the trees (things that grow under larger trees to create mutually beneficial relationships). Eventually, the entire courtyard will be made up of smaller, self-sustaining systems known as polycultures. It’s really cool ! Here are some photographs of the brand-new ground cover, plus some shots from our trip to the nursery. Have a look !

What do you like most to feel beneath your feet? Clover? Thyme?? Moss??? Leave us all a comment below !


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