A garden in bloom

The last few weeks of the WestCo courtyard extravaganza have been filled with research, planning for a lot of new plantings (coming soon!), site maintenance, and weedingweedingweeding as thick grass threatens to take over. We now have our watering routine down, and things are growing well – even the Serviceberry, which you might remember from the heart wrenching Diserviceberry post, looks better than ever! Nate and I spotted a red-tailed hawk eating a squirrel on site the other day which was totally awesome (albeit disturbing), and lots of other critters are showing up too. Plus, the southern rain garden is just beginning to bloom! It smells delicious and looks absolutely beautiful – so here are some shots for your viewing pleasures!

And since today is the 4th of July, included are a few pictures from our very own 4th of July Middletown fireworks, which curiously took place on July 3rd. Enjoy!

What kinds of creatures would YOU want to see in the WestCo courtyard? Share with us below!


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