Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share

In the early hours of Saturday, July 14th, Nate, Evita, and I dragged ourselves out of bed and settled into my 1996 Plymouth Breeze to make the long and difficult trek up to the 8th Annual Northeast Permaculture Convergence at the Soule Homestead in Middleborough, Massachusetts (OK so it’s really barely two-and-a-half hours North of Middletown). The convergence is, in essence, a three-day gathering of permaculture enthusiasts and savants discussing ideas, initiatives, successes, and failures. We were only there for Saturday, the day of workshopping, and had the chance to be a part of inspiring and exciting idea-sharing. We met some really cool people doing really cool things in the Northeast, and saw a lot of familiar faces and allies of WILD Wes. The homestead was beautiful too – you can see some of it in the pictures below. By the time we arrived at 9, the day was in full swing, with lecturers including Ethan Rowland, Dave Jacke, and Felix Lufkin – we dropped right into Dave Jacke’s conversation, Eden Arising: The Inner Landscape of Ecological Culture Design. After that, Evita and I sat in on Lisa Fernandes’ presentation titled Eating the Suburbs, a look at her truly inspiring work to transform her own 1/3-acre property into a permaculture neighborhood farm. At the same time, Nate went to listen to a panel on Infiltrating Academia with Permaculture, with our own rad permaculture designer-WILD WestCo friend Abrah Dresdale. We heard Scott Kellogg talk about everything going on at his cutting-edge bioshelter and permaculture education center in Albany, New York, Nate and Evita heard about all kinds of polyculture designs, and we had an in-depth look at native bees and their habitats from bee lover and expert Tom Sullivan. Finally, the three of us saw a really cool presentation by Julious Piti of the Chikukwa Ecological Land Trust Project, a transformative community permaculture project in Zimbabwe. As you can probably tell, it was an energizing day!

You can check out some pictures here – and maybe we’ll see you there next year!


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