Breaking down barriers

It’s nearly impossible to believe that it is already the first week of August – in less than one month campus (and WestCo) will be full again! We’ve been doing some really cool stuff in the courtyard lately, but we have a lot to do to in our last month of work. Last week, we took down all of the beaten-up fencing (those green stakes with yellow rope) surrounding the site, and quickly found that we would have to do some serious wrestling with more than a few pretty gnarly and warped metal posts. They also turn your hands very greenish-blue, which made me feel like I had the look of someone who had strangled a family of smurfs. It was definitely worth it, though, because we’ve already had new visitors come into the space to see what’s going on (including one very bold groundhog). We will be replacing the old fencing with some wooden stakes and white rope, so we’ll have some fencing but in a much more subtle and open way. Here are some photos of our efforts; check out the difference!

What do YOU think about fencing in a landscape or public outdoor space? Should it be living, minimal, clearly defined? Share your thoughts below!


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