Plants just keep on coming

I know that, as a loyal and devoted WILD WestCo fan, you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat since last week’s tantalizingly teasing note about a “new post coming soon” showcasing our newly-planted northwestern salt-tolerant shrub border. Well, all of those sleepless nights paid off, because here it is! We planted the first half of our shrub border all along the western edge (or along the very top) of the WestCo courtyard. We’ll be planting the southwestern half in a few days, which will nearly complete the hardy, salt-tolerant shrub border all along the western periphery. You might also catch a glimpse of our new labyrinth project in the large social space (and seriously, look for a post on that one coming soon!). And if you notice the white, ghost-like shapes all around the site, those are just other plants covered with row cover, a light fabric designed to protect plants from harsh sun and hungry critters!

Here are the photographs from our most recent planting escapade, so enjoy!

A lot of these bushes are actually different types of edible berries, which you will be able to eat very soon! So tell us about YOUR favorite kind of berry below!


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