Aaand We’re Back: Sorry About That

First thing first: apologies for the lack of blogging for the past academic year period. In a college setting, group members and leaders move around, take time off, study abroad, and graduate all too quickly and frequently, and that sometimes leads to big chunks of members disappearing all at once (ta-da! but not in a good way). Not to mention, the year gets Crazy busy, and it becomes a matter of actually working on the site or writing about work that you should be doing on the site. Nate was basically a one-man show this past year, and so hopefully it’s understandable that this blog got a little quiet for a hot second. But.

Worry no more! A new group of us who have been involved in WILD Wes for the past year or so just inherited the torch as the new Summer Stewards (I think that’s the fancy title we decided on) so WILD Wes is back in business. Tennessee Mowrey is here, Nathaniel Elmer is here, Roxy Capron will be here soonish, and I’m here (Rina Kremer). We like this social media thing so we also have a fun new Twitter and Facebook and though I personally have no idea how to Twitter (yet!) I just successfully posted my first Tweet. Ever. Big things are already happening this summer. Are you ready?



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