So What Is Going On Then

Disclaimer/Trying to make excuses for myself: I am not good at explaining things ever (disclaimer). But also (making excuses) it has been a long while since this blog here has been updated, so there’s a lot of ground to cover. I’m sure it’ll come in more bits and pieces as such information relevantly (or less so) applies to future updates, but I’ll sum up what I can.

The Most Important: There is a second site now in our hands! Up to one of our dining halls, Summerfields, there is a serious eye sore and physically dangerous (+ emotionally taxing?) sad excuse of a hill. It’s an eroded dirt slope. We get to fix that, and landscape the rest of the hill to the side, which is more intact but a mowed lawn. The design of this site (“The Summerfields Site” — we do need a better name for it maybe yes) was the focus of this spring’s WILD Wes student forum. During the past academic year’s two student forums, we were thinking of what new site to take on since WestCo is well on its way. Ideally we’d want something…ideal. Like the cute little nook between Olin Library and PAC facing Andrus, where we could build an outdoor classroom and we’d have full creative potential on the site*, not something that was fully/mostly a remediation plan. But after meeting with the Green Building Committee and presenting them with our sites of interest (which included these two — Summerfields and Olin & PAC — in addition to an area by the CFA, around the Observatory, and a piece in front of Olin), they told us that Summerfields was our best bet. Further, the Summerfields site was already on track for re-landscaping by the university this summer, so we mightaswell do it for them more conscientiously.  They wanted us to help out, and of course we wanted to help out, and so it goes.

WILDWes' Summerfields site

The stair plan. Stairs!

The Westco Site: we weeded a lot of this in the rain yesterday. Much of this year’s fall student forum revolved around plans for the implementation of  structures and details to the  WestCo site, mainly geared towards the social function. We brainstormed seating, a stage, solar path and social space lights, and possibly art displays  throughout the site. Right now it’s just about in full bloom, and trees, bushes, ground cover, and creatures abound!

WestCo WILDlife

Some birds hangin’ out in a serviceberry this morning

*The Third Thing That is Way Cool But I Honestly Almost Forgot About it Because WestCo and Summerfields are Really Taking Up All of Our Plates Right Now: We got the Olin & PAC site!! When the Green Building Committee formally granted us with The Summerfields Site, we were also given the Olin & PAC nook. As I mentioned earlier, the current plan is to turn it into an outdoor classroom of sorts. It’s sitting in the WILD Wes queue for now (it is a queue of one thing and that one thing is this), but we’re super excited to have this site waiting for our WILD shenanigans once we’re further down the line with Summerfields.

Olin & PAC nook is OURS

Future WILD Wes site! Outdoor classroom perhaps?

Have a most beautiful Saturday!


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