Week Two Day Five: So Maybe the Stair Design is Pretty Final?

First of all, please someone tell me why and how there can possibly be this much water leaking from an impossibly large expanse of dark clouds in the sky? Also of note, it is comfortably into June. BUT WITH ALL OF THIS RAIN I AM NOT COMFORTABLE. Just kidding, it isn’t that bad. One day a week or two ago, though, when there was that Flash Flood Warning, my shirt did get soaked enough to somehow also leak dyes onto my skin, underclothes, and partially onto my pants. Today it started raining at about 9/9:30 AM, and continues to. It has also cooled down significantly, so I’m in my bed with fuzzy pants on.

Anyway, we weren’t out in the rain today, because there was research to be done and plans to be finalized. In particular, those stairs. As I noted before, we already scooted them over because of the impossible tree stump. There’s also another tree stump on the face of that hill, but we’re managing to keep the stairs between the two (lucky!!). In order to do so, however, we are now putting some bends in the stair case (fancy!!). In working and reworking and re-reworking the stair design, and having multiple meetings with Adults (the Green Building Committee) who have actual experience building things and familiarity with codes, we are surely learning a whole, whole lot about the building process and expanding the WILD Wes capability and knowledge base for future projects. Unlike the last WILD Wes site, which was pretty purely a lansscape* project, we’ve got things to build.

If only it could be this easy and fun and childhood-y. If only. Would you object to LEGO stairs?

Yikes, build.
Today especially we learned the hard facts of building code safety specifics. As in, what makes a staircase legitimate (at least in The Great State of Connecticut, I am not sure if they are the same nationwide). What that means for us is a lot of extra work. Or, rather, work we just weren’t yet aware of. And what that means for you is safe and sturdy stairs! Though we were all temporarily deer in the headlights after that big reality-check meeting, we’re ready to go now. And we love you, so rest assured that we’re getting it done right with all of the safety measures discussed. Rain or shine tomorrow — I realize I said this last time but golly it’s still raining — we’re gonna get these started for ya.
Let’s Go! (I happen to be listening to Matt & Kim, so I was tempted to type that out three more times.)

* Stair Design Image Coming Soon*


* An intended typo, which will be explained at a later time.


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