Eating things at WestCo and Summerfields (that means you!!)

Recently I was contacted (by a Facebook wall post to my personal account) about a “food forest” that exists will exist in Seattle. Basically, from the article that was included in the post, it looks like they’re tryna plant, well, a whole bunch of plants that grow edible things. Like blueberries and nuts. And the message said that we’re far from it, but if we could have something like that Seattle food forest someday that would be cool. Which I wholeheartedly agree with. Which made me realize that most of what we’ve got planted (and planned) probably isn’t very readily well-known. For instance, did you know that all of the paths through the WestCo site were lined with fully edible and entirely delicious kale that was for anyone and everyone to harvest? Fun Fact! One of the main goals of our sustainable landscaping is edibles. Though we may not “qualify” as a “food forest”, we hope that we have and will have plenty to offer to all of you lovely Wesleyan kids on our current sites and sites to come!

WestCo Apples



Currants. For tasty jams and jellies.

Like blueberries and nuts.

Westco Blueberries One


WestCo 06/18



WestCo Sage

Herb: Sage.

WestCo Oregano

Herb: Oregano. Put some Wesleyan pizzaz in your meals this fall…or if you are here now!!

And these are only just a few! Additionally, we are even more heavily emphasizing the edible-factor for the Summerfields site, where we hope to have raised beds and herb gardens that produce ingredients for Summerfields, fruit trees and, bushes, and vines (strawberries! more blueberries!) near Huber avenue, and grasses and flowers that can be used medicinally or ingested otherwise (not as sketchy as it sounds I promise).

Well, I hope that shed* a little bit more light on what we’re doing out there pulling things and planting things and landscaping spaces n’ stuff.


*We’re buying a shed soon!! It’s momentous for us, but I understand if that makes little to no impact on your day . That’s why I made it an asterisk moment.


One thought on “Eating things at WestCo and Summerfields (that means you!!)

  1. Awesome post. Maybe it would be cool to finally get some edible/non-edible plant labels (long-lasting nice ones) that we so talked about getting last summer. Having on-site labeling – whether it be plant signs or something else – might be great !

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