In the Past Month:

First of all, here’s a fun game. Go to the WILD Wes Facebook page, and after Like-ing it, and after scrolling past the pic of Tennessee doing his sexy-lounge, go allll the way to the bottom of the page (quickly because spoilers!) and find the first picture of the site being staked out. Then scroll back up slowly, till you get to the most recent image of the stairs.


You see it? You see how it went from the good ‘ol familiar dirt eyesore you’ve come to know and loathe to the kinda-dumpy looking stair-shaped hole in the ground with some stones in it? You see it?! I know it’s not done till it’s all done, and that’s still a lot of rebar, sweat, sun burns, anger, and Steely Dan before that point, but in the past six-odd weeks ago, I think we can be kinda proud of the work we’ve done by hand. Do we get a pat on the back? Or at least waterproof sports bandages for our blistered hands?


Misuse of construction materials.

To make it even better, we also got to peruse a very exciting outdoor patio catalog and select furniture. A certain WILD Wes-er whom is to remain anonymous wasn’t super sold on the tables with backs (who doesn’t like to recline whenever possible?!), but the rest of decided on some pretty snazzy patio furniture for the Summerfields patio that should have always had furniture.

Bad Example Bench

Imagine this in a more industrial, plastic-y-rubbery and black fashion with a table in the middle and another one of these benches on the other side. If my -2 skill points in explanation managed to make any sense as a mental image for you, that is what we’re going for. Essentially.

Also, if you’re still ’round these parts, come gather some of the kale that has regrown along the Westco pathways! We have lots. Lots on lots. How about a kale salad or kale chips? Or maybe something that isn’t the only two things people do with kale? Like a stir fry!

Westco Kale

Nice n’ hardy

And the fruits of our labor:

Westco Bluebellies



PS WestCo has some Omega-3 plants growing! Well, I think they are (I ate some) (I think it’s called Perslane) (the “edible weed”) (I just looked it up):
omega-3 plant?


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