And So it Goes

Well, boys and girls, our set deadline to git ‘er done has come and gone — the 16th of August — and I’m happy to say that we, I suppose, got ‘er done.

Summerfields Stairs "Final"

Okay, to be perfectly straight with you, the stair and terrace situation is not of the utmost completion. A ramp still needs assemblage at the top, and the terraces will not forever be terracing dirt mounds. As with all existing (WestCo) and all future (?) WILD Wes sites, they are and will continually be in a state of evolution and development. Plants plants plants. But, for now, I suppose that the point being is that four dweeb-around college kids gave it the ol’ “college try” and actually managed to finish on time. How? We still don’t really know, but it goes without saying (still gonna say it anyways) that we could not have gotten this done without superabundant support: from fellow students and Wesleyan staff to Tech Camp and community members. Whether it was the crucial facts of building code and generously donated materials or daily words of encouragement and endless Vines, we do deeply appreciate every bit.

Thank you! (Cat)

Just like the deadline — the 16th of August — I have also come and gone. Sadly, I will not be able to walk, run, or stumble up the stairs completely for the next five to six months. But they’ll be good and ready for when you return for the fall semester, so I hope you will take an extra walk (run and/or stumble) up for me.  Also make sure to give Nathaniel Elmer, Tennessee Mowrey, and Roxy Capron, the best co-workers ever, a thankful fist-bump for putting these stairs together.

Enjoy them, y’all. See you in the spring, and much love until then.


4 thoughts on “And So it Goes

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  2. Hi I’m Wes class of 94′ this is awesome. Can I volunteer some weekend? Can I take a few pictures and put them in a book I’m updating about colleges and the Green Revolution? There’s a book link on my site. Thanks, peace.

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