Sup, spring. Let’s really get (to) WILD (Working on this Intelligent Landscape Design)!!!

Since yours truly was bumming around in Japan this past fall during an “academic” semester abroad, the WILDWes WordPress has suffered some undeserved neglect. But no longer, because I’m back, all too excited, and finally figured out that I was typing the email address in wrong for five straight months and that’s why I couldn’t log in before. Go figure.


So without further ado,

here are the “deets” —

just as much for me,

as for you:

(in no logical order)

1. There was an Unfortunate Event at one of the more forest-y corners of our WestCo forest garden: diseased tree removal. I assessed the remaining damage after five months, and though it doesn’t seem to have cause a heck of a lot of lasting damage, it does seem more empty now. Less forest for forestry.

2. THERE WILL BE A STUDENT FORUM this spring semester taught by Manon LaFevre and Will Wiebe, called Building Resilient Landscape Systems: The Intersection of Deep Ecology and Sustainable Landscape Design. (Sounds fancy!)
You can find it here, and if you want to talk or inquire more about it then you may email either Manon or Will. You should probably know how to email them on the Wesleyan email system.  There will also be an info meeting in the near future, probably; I will let you know.

3. There are workdays every Saturday! One to four o’ clock pee-em. No one does homework on weekends, or at least actually does their homework. So instead of spending that time in a booze brain-fog scrolling through Facebook in the library pretending to do your PDF reading assignments, come get some fresh air and friendly fun and blood to the brain (circulation by physical exertion, not something violent) with us over at the Summerfield’s Site further beautifying the thing. Hand tools! Buckets! Vegetation! A lot of brown materials!

4. Continuing from last semester, there will be student meetings held every week! (Last semester they were on Thursdays; time change TBD.) I haven’t had the chance to attend this academic year, and so if you haven’t either but are even an ounce curious, please come for your first time, too! You don’t have to be shy if you don’t know anything about anything, related or not, because all you need is a willingness to learn and cooperate. Or even just a willingness to learn how to cooperate.

5. There are t-shirts?! Why was I not sent one abroad? Nathaniel Elmer re-envisioned the old WILDWes logo and got some shirts printed. We’re printing — which probably means spray-painting — more because I need one, and a few will be for sale quite soon! I’ll update of course.

I messed around with the blog appearance and components and now have Facebook and Twitter all linked up! But one final plug: remember to Like us on Facebook! Which will be more regularly updated now too, I promise. We have a Twitter as well, which is still actually somewhat active. Right, Nathaniel?

Lotsa love,


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