Updates: Including A SUMMER INTERNSHIP WITH US if you want it!

Hi Wesleyan! Remember that we exist?! We’re still here! Hi!

Since Wesleyan grounds were in a perpetual state of Ice on Tundra until break, we haven’t gotten to get our hands dirty and doin’ stuff at either the Summerfields or WestCo sites this spring. So it has been somewhat of a  s l o w  spring semester out-of-doors, but man are plans a-plenty in our cave (the UOC for group meetings) and with Adults in real chairs as we giddily prepare for the spring and summer additions! Most relevant at this time and probably most important is the recent meeting we had with the Green Building Committee this past Tuesday about our spring and summer project proposals.

The meeting went well!

The highlights:

Summerfields terraces will be planted with bushes, flowers, herbs, ferns, and more starting this spring and into the summer.
WestCo will have planting remediation done and new plants added (trees! and the things mentioned above), also starting this spring and into the summer. Additionally, we’ll be attaining/building/modifying/scavenging seating elements for the social space to make the social space of WestCo a real social space. Cool!

That’s just a brief summation of some of the rad meeting notes (we’re so excited), but let me get to this next part here.

SO ON THE SUBJECT OF SUMMER: that internship part you wanted to see.

Any of you kids still (understandably) scrounging around for a job or, rather, if you just haven’t found one you really want — which I am sure is the case — Boy do I have some good news for you!

We have an internship position available for a minimum of one person and a max of two people to join me (Rina Kremer, if you need to FB stalk) and Eli McClintock-Shapiro this summer planting plants and planning plants and planning plans and planting those plans! And doing some of that infrastructural stuff for the social space in WestCo. Which is an idea that doesn’t really work into the previous sentence’s theme, but it needed to be mentioned.
Long story short, we’re going to be planting a lot of plants. So if you like plants. And planting them. All kinds of plants.

— What would the summer with WILD Wes look like?
You have direct say in what goes onto and into these permanent sites on Wesleyan’s campus.
A plethora of time outside. It’s hard to imagine now, but it gets absolutely beautiful here in CT in the summer.
As mentioned in the meeting highlights, those things. (Planting a heck-ton and building/putting together the social space of WestCo.)
Plant research and sourcing.
Documentation of the sites’ current, past, and future state. These things are important, and will influence the future of WILD Wes!
If you dun’ good, the potential for leadership positions within the forum or student group in the following year(s).
It is, indeed, paid. (But that’s not a deciding factor, right?)


— Who’re we looking for?
Someone who will be available for the entirety of the summer. Give or take a week. I mean you can’t actually spend an extra week of the summer here because I do not know where you’d find that, but you know what I mean.
It’d be ideal, of course, to have someone who has some kind of E&ES/ENVS/outside-conventional-academic-setting-acquired knowledge of plants/irrigation(?)/landscaping/related miscellanea.
But what is *most* important is enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and take direction while also giving their own inputs, a strong and motivated work ethic, a positive attitude, a love of working outside no matter the hot hot heat and kind of coldish rain (it still happens sometimes, and also sometimes there are bugs) and someone who will stay with the WILD Wes team in the coming fall and beyond. This is perhaps most important. Ya know, a real “team player”. Not just a fun summer job-thing for the outdoors- and physical labor-inclined, though it’s also that, but someone who is looking for this to be their jumping-off point to get involved and invested in WILD Wes. So even if you haven’t been around before, to any degree whatsoever at all, but are looking to get into it, I really do encourage you to still email me. I’m already excited that you’re interested. Or that hopefully at least one of you skimming this is. WILD Wes kids are really great kids, and I hope that you’ll join the team! (Maybe we’ll make forest green tanks with out last names on the back. WILD Wes Summer ’14. Because that’d validate us as a real team, right? Not that we need that validation. But I’m always down for commemorative T-shirts.)

To cut this off abruptly but necessarily since the important points have already been made at least once, for those of you interested in the summer internship or have any inquiries otherwise, you can reach me here: rkremer@wesleyan.edu!

PS Look out for the Saturday workdays to kick off here soon for the spring! Best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Not kidding.
We’ll let you know.



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