Hey Ladies, We’re Back

And just like that it’s summer at Wes again, and we’re back to it. But this summer won’t be any of that crazy stair stuff; we’re returning to our original roots — I did — and planting a heckton of edibles and beautifuls at both the Butts and WestCo sites. We’re also hoping for a new shed, a new water collection tank, and large rectangular brownstone slabs for the social space seating at WestCo…apparently Christmas for WILD Wes comes in the summer.*

Now meet the new crew:

(I instructed them to tell me what they like, what they like to do, or a quote. Ya know, anything.)

Ian Rice ’17 – the color green and Outdoor Idaho
Eli McClintock-Shapiro ’17 – books, horses, and really violent thunderstorms
Zach Mollendor ’15 – watching Arsenal, and watching Tottenham lose; COYG, and the third person

And for better or for worse, I’m still kickin it. I like the color yellow, camping, ferns, and red meat. Also, “don’t half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing”, from the man of ultimate humanhood, Ron Swanson.

PS — notice the seating on the patio of Summerfields?! OH YOU DIDN’T BECAUSE YOU DON’T EVER GO THERE EITHER?! I mean that’s okay I guess. But go check it out. Slash it’s like totally the new hang-out, that’s what all the cool kids are saying.

Until next time which will be soon,

*So this is funny because, as this draft has been stewing for the past week, we have made the plant designs for the terraces, and we’re tryna make a Christmas terrace, of sorts. Evergreens, dwarf winterberries, and white winter crocuses. Ho ho ho! (I just ho-pe it actually works.)


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