Week Two

Butterfields: plants, life, and color!
We went to visit our favorite garden center, Ballek’s, and made the full summer order for the terraces. Then, on Wednesday morning, we planted them.

See before:

Butts terraces soil day

Soiling the Butts terraces (ha, ha. Now grow up.)

See after:



See the blue-ish evergreen in the center of the photo? After we came back from returning the tools to the shed, we heard little animal noises coming out. Our wildlife friends have already moved in!

A hugelkulture still exists, too! That’s the moundy garden “bed” of sorts that’s next to Butt B, which we planted with a future-cornocopia of foods: squash, tomatoes, greens (kale and lettuce), carrots, peas, basil, oregano, parsley, and sunflowers.

WestCo: weed city.
This site has been and will be a continuous experimental and educational work in progress, but we’re adding more and more each year, hopefully learning-by-experience more and more, and it’s starting to look like something fairly legitimate.

We cleaned up by the site wheelbarrow-fulls, and raked over all of the pathways in preparation to re-cardboard and re-wood chip for pathway clarity.

Here’s the current state of things, from the view of the Native Forest Mimic corner:

WestCo Courtyard 3 June 2014

The first of the wildflowers have come up, which are for whatever reason mostly all various shades of purple. So that’s why they’re all purple right now. Our kale is growing healthily along the pathways again, and we’re watering our new babies (among them a peach tree, cherry trees, ferns, flowers, milkweed, and herbs).

An Aside: The biggest bummer about the site is the bloom time. Just when the majority of the Wesleyan community leaves, the flower garden is at its peak, and the foliage at its fullest. So most of you miss the most of it. And we’re sorry about that. But we’re working to be more “seasonally inclusive”, and being careful about the plantings for both sites. We’d like them to have color year-round, especially in the depths of winter, when WestCo tends to turn into a brown, barren, and (seemingly) lifeless mound of unsightly-ness.

Anyway, that’s what’s been up this week with us. It’s getting quite hot, and I think I’ve darkened at least two shades already.

Until next week,



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