Meet the Neighbors: Spittlebugs


hey there little buddy!

If you’re around on campus this summer and have wandered in or through WestCo, you might have noticed  clumps of bubbles on a lot of plants around the site. We did, too, and out of curiosity, poked around them a bit (okay, I did that). I found a little guy hiding out inside, and apologized for disrupting his little bubble-home.

Anyway, these “spittlebugs” are the nymph stage of the Froghopper, and the “spittle” is actually frothy plant sap that provides protection from predators, extreme temperatures, and, ultimately, is necessary to keep the bugs alive! (Moisture purposes.) They’re not supposed to be very disruptive to the plants they reside on, but a few can be. We’ll monitor their behavior, but they should just be some nice new garden friends.



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